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Philip Berthiaume is founder of SpaceHorizon, a company's whose intent is to design, build and launch a Canadian orbital rocket, while offering a portfolio of launch services with partners, aiming to start in 2020. Briefly serving the people of Canada and then in the City of Ottawa for over a decade, Philip’s background is operating in political office.

In 2017, Canada’s 150th anniversary, while wanting to move away from politics to a business capacity, Philip was inspired by a childhood passion and identified an opportunity for a new but very ambitious enterprise: to launch a Canadian designed and built rocket into space to capture a part of what will become the massive and new space economy.

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Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Bailes is SpaceHorizon's CFO and the owner of Hertford Advisors, providing part-time CFO services to a number of companies, including Slice Insurance, The Restoration Co and the Keynote Group. He was previously CFO at Cryptocard, the leading Two Factor Authentication SaaS provider, and was instrumental in its successful sale in 2012. Since then he has worked on various projects, including leading a 25-strong finance team for Lowe-Martin. He has extensive experience in IT, Telecoms and other sectors, managing not only Finance, but also Legal, HR and Operational functions.

Andrew holds both undergraduate and masters degrees in Mathematics and Management Studies from Cambridge University (UK) and came top in his Executive MBA at Cornell (USA) and Queens University (Canada).

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Director of Marketing and Corporate Strategy

Doug Mohney has been involved in the tech world for over 20 years, with roles in sales, marketing, business development, and operations.

He was an initial employee at Internet startup DIGEX in 1993 and a founding employee at SkyCache/Cidera in 1997. Over the decades, he's contributed to a variety of tech publications, including The Inquirer, Boardwatch, VON Magazine, and TMCnet. Along the way, he started covering the New Space world, seeing parallels between it and the evolution of the computing industry from mainframes to cell phones.

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Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnership

Terry Bohlen is the business and strategic planner with SpaceHorizon. Terry has over 35 years of experience working in the American space industry in systems engineering, space launch services and satellites, business development, marketing and sales, and mission management. He has spent most of his career in launch services, working at General Dynamics Commercial Launch Services, International Launch Services and Sea Launch.

Terry grew up with the space program and developed a passion for space travel and exploration at an early age. He enjoys the challenges and opportunities in working to develop solutions with colleagues and customers. Terry attended The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and completed a Bachelor of Science and Engineering in Aerospace Engineering. Terry is active in the Boy Scouts of America having served in a variety of volunteer positions. Terry is also private pilot.

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Director of Space Operations

Dr. Yaroslav Pustovyi is a space industry professional with career experience in the sector since 1988. Formerly an astronaut, Dr. Pustovyi was trained by NASA and served as a Backup Payload Specialist 1997 for the Space Shuttle Program.

Playing an active role in the development of the Ukrainian National Space Program from 2003-2007, Dr. Pustovyi served in several programs in space research and has extensive industry contact world wide. Further, he has has experience in rocket development including LV design, liquid engine design and construction, launch, launch facilities and more.

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Chief Technical Officer

SpaceHorizon is pleased to have Bennett Leong coordinating the engineering efforts on the LV1 and is recommended as exceptional by the University of Toronto's Institute for Aerospace Studies and others who have worked with him. Specialisation in aerospace engineering, he has worked on uncertainty quantification and management for aircraft loads with Airbus in the UK and has experience in design, fabrication, and testing of high performance hybrid sounding rockets and prides himself on providing effective team management and testing operations.

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Consultant Engineering, Liquid Propulsion

Adam Trumpour is an aerospace engineering professional, a graduate of the University of Toronto, Engineering Science Aerospace option and at Ryerson University in Applied Science in Aerospace Engineering, specializing in liquid rocket propulsion.

Adam's passion includes uniting theoretical with practical design development, fabricating and testing hardware. Adam is the founder and President of, Canada's only rocket competition for amateur and university rocketry teams. Adam is senior concept designer in aircraft engines, for a major aerospace manufacturer in Canada.

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