We go into Space

Welcome to SpaceHorizon, a rocket company delivering payloads safely, reliably and economically into orbit.

Opening of a new frontier

Enabling a human presence in space is the next exciting step for humanity on its way into the new frontier. There is a vast amount of resources available, including rare metals and minerals, fuels, water and oxygen that can supply humanity's needs and allow for perpetual living both in space and on earth.


There is an ever growing blanket of debris in orbit that surrounds us. It is up to this next generation to exercise responsible practices in space to eliminate the leaving behind of anything that can detrimentally and literally impact someone else in the future.

Opportunity in Space

Space travel is no longer the domain of government. An array of exciting and new private industry players are emerging to take space travel to the next level and on to new horizons.

Dare to succeed

Canadian based, SpaceHorizon builds on a rich engineering, creative and innovative talent base that includes some of the best engineers and designers in the world. It is the intent of SpaceHorizon to inspire Canadians in science and space exploration.

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